The goals of the association are many, and based on the true belief that companion animals benefit greatly from a diet more closely related to their hereditary and biological makeup. It is that belief, and developing science to support, it that keeps our members forging ahead in their goal to develop nutrition products based on raw feeding.

The primary goal is to credibly produce safe quality products. The members are all investing, in both equipment and process controls, on a continual basis with the common view of producing safe products. A set of Good Manufacturing Practises (GMP's) have been developed that are being used as a guideline for development of production methods at member facilities.

Another goal is to encourage the companion owners to consider what is being fed to their pet, and educate them to the thinking behind a raw pet food diet. It is the membership's belief that once understood their products make the most sense for companion animals. Of course this will also need to include the veterinary community who are starting to support the members activities.

The association is also intent on developing itself as a communication link between all interested parties. This will facilitate customer feedback and education. Allow various government agencies to communicate with the members and their customers. Develop education platforms for both the members and consumers.

The group are very enthusiastic about all of these goals and working toward fulfilling these goals on a continual basis.